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THE LUNATICS have told – like nobody else before – a story about nearly 50 years of Pink Floyd life, going through the oddest stories and the strangest pictures, often never before heard or seen. From the adventurous beginning in the 1966-67 London's underground scene to the italian tours in front of few spectators, from the accidents that happened during their concerts to the lost “Zabriskie Point” songs, up to the esoteric aspects of the sleeves and even a gallery of the most unusual and rare covers in the world, including the fabulous red vinyls published in Japan that now get impressive prices at auctions worldwide. A varied choice of topics, deliberately standoffish, that examines the band's history in an atypical way.

Thus, the book tells the story and the iconography of the most mysterious covers (A Saucerful Of Secrets, Ummagumma, A Nice Pair, Wish You Were Here, The Division Bell), the oddities and the world's collectors rarities (the psychedelic posters, impossible-to-find vinyls, censorship and differences between editions of different countries, some basic tour programs), the crucial points in Pink Floyd's concert history (the UFO Club debut, The Man & The Journey suites, Eclipse and the italian gigs in 1968 and 1971), to the implications behind the material recorded for the soundtracks of the two most important films in their career, Michelangelo Antonioni's masterpiece “Zabriskie Point” and the controversial “Pink Floyd The Wall” by Alan Parker.

Of each topic are revealed the secrets and innermost aspects that emerged from the furrows of a story now close to 50 years, accompanying the text with lost documents and precious gems mostly from the private collections of the Lunatics. A story made with precious and rare images, because music and graphic art are inseparable in the long career of Pink Floyd, like the Obscured By Clouds turkish cover with Queen in the foreground (due to a big mistake), the strange hemp leaves that emerge from a south american Relics, the censorship of The Wall in Argentina and South Africa, up to the most unusual and incredible disc formats, gross errors and curiosities of all kinds.

This and much more in the new book Pink Floyd. Storie e segreti

  • The book contains an interview, featuring an unpublished photo, with Jenny Spires, Barrett's girlfriend from December 1964 to spring 1966.
  • The historic and artistic reconstruction of the “psychedelic” posters that marked the band's history from the early concerts at the UFO Club in London until their first American tour in October 1967.
  • The background and the genesis of three masterpiece albums like The Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here and Animals.
  • The Alchemical cover of A Saucerful Of Secrets, one of the most mysterious and indecipherable covers in the history of Rock examined in every detail, secrets and symbols hidden in the psychedelic tangle of the cover for decades. The coding of the single subjects was made possible thanks to a pedantic cross-searching among the prints of the various countries (other than by definition and in some cases also for the graphics), study of the Marvel Comics world and a long period of investigation through alchemical volumes and related iconography.
  • Exclusive of the book is a research conducted on the first Italian concerts of Pink Floyd in 1968. Light has been shed for the first time on the evenings that saw Floyd committed in the legendary Piper Club in Rome, thanks to the memories of some lucky spectators of the time and even a camera roll on which were immortalized some very rare pictures.
  • The book reconstructs and sheds light on the continuous and sudden changes of location for one of the concerts of the 1971 Italian tour, with an exclusive interview with the promoter that followed the organization.


GIUNTI Editore - Series: Bizarre - language: Italian - 256 pages
binding: hardcover with jacket - size: 17x24cm
published in 2012 - first edition: October 2012 - second edition: February 2013
ISBN - EAN: 9788809773745






PINK FLOYD STORIE E SEGRETI - cap. A Saucerful Of Secrets

cap. "A Saucerful Of Secrets"


PINK FLOYD STORIE E SEGRETI - cap. Un passo sul lato oscuro

cap. "Un passo sul lato oscuro"



cap. "Publius Enigma"